Reflection on a house Divided

As I put the finishing touches on a house divided, I must say that the first emotion I’m greeted with is relief. This project was such a massive undertaking, and to say that I’am exhausted would be an understatement. I was the major actor in this film, not because I wanted to be, but for safety reasons, as we did not feel comfortable having an actor do the stunts that I performed. This semester I think that most of my major growth as a film maker occurred behind the camera, and in the editing sweets. My comfort using a camera and final cut grew immensely. Also the amount of planning that went into my productions has changed entirely. I used to be a heavy proponent of gorilla filming, and on the fly editing, but there comes a point when this method is no longer effective, mainly when trying to accomplish a larger production or when working with multiple talents. With that said A house divided  could never have been accomplished without a massive amount of foresight, our actors, costumes, set and equipment all were prepped in advanced, and as a result the shots look very polished and professional. Looking to the future I think this will remain my largest challenge when attempting to take my film making to the next level. I have a tendency to fly by the seat of my pants, and I have to learn to appreciate that the other parties involved with my project might not have the same mentality. Also I tend to love my ideas, and to love your work too much can lead to poor decision making. If I can detach myself from my projects and look at them more objectively I will be able to cut the fat of things that really aren’t good enough to be in the film. This film was a fun learning experience and I hope that some one (other than myself) can really get a kick out of it.


1 Response to “Reflection on a house Divided”

  1. 1 Nicole Triche
    December 13, 2010 at 7:17 PM

    Some thoughtful reflection

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