A House Divided

I just finished a house divided, and I must say that for a student film I was very impressed. The production quality of the film was obviously very high and the piece was very stylized. The idea of making a ultra dark alternative history about Old honest Abe is very unique and has instant draw for any audience. The film its self was very violent and as such, I cant advise this film for any younger audiences. This film acts like a mash up between Inglorious bastards and Ichi the Killer. The places where the film could have used improvement are were the finer details. It seems as though the film makers were rushed for time towards the end of the film and as such, some of their shots and edits suffered.  I was really impressed with the range and durability of the lead actor Will Neff, with that said his co actor Ben Stanly was certainly no slouch and played a truly maniacal villain. The direction of the film and the production were also equally impressive. I would give this film a 4/5 as it is unique and entertaining, but not quite fully there yet. If you have ever wanted to see President Abraham Lincoln kick some ass then make sure not to pass on A House Divided.


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