Drunken Master (1978)

This week I watched Drunken Master, which is one of the first films of the now super famous martial artist Jackie Chan. Drunken Master follows the story of a young martial artist that is trying to master the martial art style of the “8 Drunken Gods”. This powerful style demands strong wrists, strong kicks, and also you have to be completely black out drunk. That’s right, the majority of the film is Jackie Chan chugging dangerous amounts of alcohol and then whooping peoples asses. For any fan of Kung Fu movies this should premise should have instant appeal.


Let me preface my review of this film by saying that I’ am a huge martial arts fan, and that if you are not, then I would recommend that you already give up on this film. The reason being, the plot along with many other aspects of this film are completely ridiculous and would not appeal to someone looking for a serious film. Let me assure you, this is no crouching tiger hidden dragon.  However, if you do enjoy kung fu movies Drunken Master is about as good as it gets. Absurdest villains, death defying stunts, beautifully choreographed fight scenes  and of course over dramatic acting with bad voice over work. Anyone who loves Kung Fu knows that the best movies in the genre are slightly campy, and let me assure you this film is pure camp gold. With that said the choreography in this movie is staggeringly beautiful and wildly impressive. Its easy to see why Jackie Chan became a movie god in china, and you can clearly see his love of film and obvious references to his heroes Buster Keaton and other physical comics of the silent era. If you enjoy seeing people getting kicked in the head then look no farther because this movie is a 5/5. If you don’t enjoy that type of thing… avoid drunken master like the plague.


1 Response to “Drunken Master (1978)”

  1. 1 Nicole Triche
    December 6, 2010 at 4:22 PM

    What did you think about the editing?

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