Throne of Suds

My group just finished our narrative and it feels like I just completed a marathon. We all loved our piece, but it was a MASSIVE undertaking and damn near killed us. The name of our film is Throne of suds, and it was based on a screen play that I wrote a year ago. It was a delight to be able to see something that I wrote and really loved be transformed form its page state to the silver screen. I would say that our biggest challenge was managing our cast for the film which included over 20 roles. To get people to every shot was a grueling experience. Individually I served as the director for the film and the biggest challenge I faced was having to bend the vision of the film I had in my head to fit the limited resources we had to make the movie. Working with the talent was  a challenge, but I really believe that my direction was on point and that I was able to get some pretty command performances, especially from John Neff. We had 7 locations in the film and well over 30 set ups.  My producer and my art director were unstoppable, and  really credit the success of the project to them thanks Greg and Matt


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