DUDE BASEketball

This week I watched  the classic comedy from the late 90s: BASEketball.  Written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of the South Park series, this wildly hilarious film follows the story of three friends that invent a new game that becomes a national sensation. That game is baseketball, a sport in which guys with bad knees can compete on the same level as guys all geeked up on steroids. As the game grows in popularity, the three main characters muct deal with the trials and tirbualtions of fame, as well as the strain on their love life. All of these issues come to a head when the Milwaukee Beers take on the Dallas Felons in the Denslow Cup  (The word series of Baseketball).

I loved this film. The style of humor is perfect for “dudes”, and if you even remotely enjoy south park, then you will most certainly enjoy Baseketball as well.  As far as the direction of the film is concerned, I believe the directors greatest challenge/ success was managing the many cameos he has by professional athletes that have limited acting ability. I’m sure that getting Dale Ernheart to have perfect comedic timing is no easy task, and getting reggie jackson to call one of his fans a useless little shit is equally difficult. Zucker must’ve had to utilize multiple takes as well as coax his talents to give the performance he needed. I give this movie a 5/5 for comedy but a 1/5 for tastefulness. This plot is crude, no doubt about it, but if fart jokes don’t offend you, you will laugh until your sides hurt.


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