Paranormal Activity 2

Paranormal Activity 3

This week I saw paranormal activity 2 the follow up to the wildly successful Indy film paranormal activity 1.  In the tradition of such films as Blair witch REC and the first Paranormal Activity a fair amount of the film take place from a first person handheld camera view. The film also boasts an impressively sparse budget much like the first.

The first thing I noticed when watching PA2 was the great consideration the director took to prevent the audience from become sea sick, as this has become the norm for such hand held films. The director used stationary security cameras to break up the shaky hand held shots and added an air of professionalism to the film. Along with the addition of the steady cams, more characters were present in this film and this added a welcome depth to the film. With this said I feel as though most of the scares in this film were stolen or recycled form the first, and innovation in horror fell by the way side, almost as if the viewer was just watching a continuation of the first. That’s not to say the film was not scary, because lord knows it scarred the shit out of my and all my friends. I would give this film a 4/5 for achieving to scare me so completely, but don’t expect a cinematic masterpiece or anything that is going to make you reexamine your life.


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