Roll About Doc

We just finished our Documentary project, and it turned out a lot better than expected. I am not the best at documentaries, I will be the first to admit that as they are out of my range of expertise and I tend to prefer Narrative film. I highly prefer using scripts and talent as opposed to creating a story arc out of the shots you acquire during filming. We really did not have a solid subject matter until Sunday so the project felt a little rushed.  Despite all this I actually had a great time making this film and my group was wonderful, both Matt and David knew what they were doing and helped me with the project. The biggest challenges we faced were the lack of good B Roll, as well as a hard time finding interesting subject matter. We were Really lucky to find Roll About and the people there as there were all very interesting, and vastly improved the overall quality of our film. We used all natural lighting and I think it worked out well very well. For the audio we used a shotgun microphone and a lapel microphone for any of the formal interviews. In the future I think the secret to a god doc is good planing and a huge film ratio.  It seems like you can never have enough film for a doc.


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