Light up the Fire


I just finished my abstract short film based on a poem by Rumi, entitle light up the fire. I’m very very pleased with the result and was also shocked with how well all my experimental shots came out. I Did a few overlays with some fire that I had shot, as well as a shot I took out the sun roof of a car and then sped up to 500x speed. For my full body shots and the shots with the candle, I had to build a set in the down stairs living room of my house, I used a back base paint with a shiny black polymer over it. I used two kino flow lights  to light the set. I used a mix between rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizer to light my actors hand on fire(which looked bad ass). other then that my other cuts were pretty straight foreword, except for the perforated slug I used to do my waking up theme. I loved my project over all and I have to give HUGE daps to Ali, and Dave who lit him self on fire for me. Thanks for watching.

Stay dangerous,





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