Blotter Patch kid

Just finished my first full stop motion short film and the opening project in my production class and while it was fun, I must admit I’m glad to be finished. To say that stop motion is tedious is an understatement.  The biggest challenges I faced came in the form of continuity errors. I found it was hard to keep track of all the objects on my set while moving my camera, my figurine, and my various other props. Also, I found it very hard to plan shots with stop motion, as a shot is not one running piece of film, but rather hundreds of pictures strung together.  On a side note, the Blotter patch kid I used was actually the 3rd model I constructed, as I did not take into account how ridged he would have to be to hold shape while I took pictures and moved the camera.

With all these flaws sighted I will humbly admit that stop motion is not my bag and that the final product is far from perfect, but it was nice getting my hands on a camera again, and reestablishing myself with final cut. I can’t wait to get back into reel film, and can only hope that our upcoming projects allow a little more creative leeway.

Stay Dangerous,



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