Its a red red dawn

“In our time never has a foreign military occupied American soil, until now”

Will Neff’s review of Red Dawn

Red Dawn follows a group of American high school students who are thrust into a fight for survival when Russian and Cuban forces conduct a full scale siege on the state of Colorado. Soon after initial combat spills into the streets the students are forced to flee into the mountains, where they live off the land for the next few months. After the panic of the preliminary attack wears off, it is reviled that Colorado has been lost and the children are behind enemy lines. The kids decide that they are going to fight back and form the rebel group, The Wolverines. The wolverines engage in guerilla warfare and battle back against the evil Cuban and Russian military, while inspiring American patriotism and rousing other citizens to join in the struggle for freedom.

Of all the cold war remnants, I would argue that Red Dawn might be the most entertaining. Something about seeing a group of teens led by Patrick Swayze Kill countless Rooskies, just makes me want to grab an American flag and sprint down main street.  While the plot may seem a little implausible (why would the Solvate union attack Colorado of all states) it’s hard to scrutinize because you’re having too much fun. The film only has 5 minutes of opening before the violence starts anyway so you won’t have too much time to worry about believability. While it does seem a bit cheesy at times, Red Dawn will make you feel proud to be an American. Red dawn is also slightly a cut above you common place action film. The editing is not bad and rarely will you see the poor continuity cuts that plagued action films of the era. Cinematography is almost nonexistent as 99% of the film is people getting shot but it doesn’t detract from the overall theme of the movie. The only place where I can find a major beef with the film is the sound, often times the speech is inaudible and the sound effects sound a little like a kung fu movie. I give this move a 4/5, unless it’s being watched on the 4 of July in which case I give it a 6/5.

America…. F#@& YA!


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