Disney gets Digital

In preparation for the upcoming release of Tron legacy in December, I decided to finally watch the original 1982 cult classic, Tron. The original Tron is set in the early 80’s and is largely influenced by the introduction of the mainframe computer. Tron follows the story of a computer hacker named Flynn (Jeff Bridges) who is literally sucked into the world of the computers while trying to shut down the evil Master Control Program, who is bent on world domination. Flynn finds himself in a world of florescent lights and deadly video games and must battle in various video game arenas to stay alive. Flynn teams up with a computer program named Tron and sets off to shut down the Master control program and save the world. It’s easy to why this film is considered a “cult classic”, rather than just a classic as it is down right campy. Half of the dialog sounds like it was taken directly from a computer manual and the other half feels deeply cliché. I wont pull any punches Tron is a bad movie. The dialogue is terrible the plot is confusing and the characters (other than Bridges) are flat. With that said, the film is so bad that its actually entertaining. It’s like watching a two-hour running joke about the 80’s. Also the visual presentation of the movie is very unique and ground breaking for the time. Its one of those films that gets an A for effort, but the over all execution is poor. If you feel like reminiscing about the 80’s or having a good unintended laugh then Tron is well worth a watch, but other than that your not missing anything. Tron gets a 2.5 out of 5.

P.S. Im still going to watch The up coming remake Tron Legacy, as Daft Punk is set to make the sound track, and they can literally make anything good.


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