The Doc

Hey so I just finished my interview video, and I must say… not my best work. Cam and I tried really hard but we were only able to get a camera at 5 o’clock on sunday, and you can tell we were in a time crunch. I think the editing made the most of the footage we had, but I feel like if i had more time the shots would have been much better. O well, I’m going to mentally ready my self for the final and use the shot Cummings of this project as a lesson to be applied in the future. With that said, it’s not all that bad. and I guarantee my final is going to be the “BOOMABINGBONG BOOM HAHA RELEASE” <—great quote from the Mighty Boosh


1 Response to “The Doc”

  1. 1 Nicole Triche
    November 25, 2009 at 4:12 PM

    “Applying lessons to the future” is a great rule to live by.

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