Rock Paper Say Your Prayers

I just FInished My Silent Film, and man, is it a doozy! I think this has been my favorite project so for. First I would Like to thank Dave and mike for helping out so much seriously you guys are the shiznit! I wanted to capture the Silent spaghetti western, and I think i did just that. I love the two characters i created and how I developed them. The twist at the end i must say was quite inspired, and by that I mean Brilliant, I mean seriously! Any who I was very pleased with the result, and I had no major difficulties because I had a very extensive shot planner and vision for this film that I stuck to, the biggest issue that arose, was my hard drive ejecting all the time! It sucked by the way. Some technical stuff; i used a bad film filter on the text boxes, ans I desaturated all the other footage. I also slowed down a lot of footage, and I tried to cut action on the beast of the song for the gun fight.Also I made the one silent film text in photoshop. PS. Golden Deer comes form the fact that My rugby nickname is Goldie, and Cam’s is Bambi, just wanted to clarify.


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