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Oh Man, They will let anyone on the interweb these days!!!

So here it is up and functioning! The William Neff Web page! Rock on Will Neff. I have the photos page up and working as well as a Photoshop page and a resume that’s ready to go. The Video page is still a work is progress, and I’m not really sure what i was supposed to do with my portfolio page, but im sure these things will come together in time. I really put a lot of work into making this happen and I’m proud of the out come. I really wanted the pages to have a very edgy design, and well as a tongue in cheek humor and I think I accomplished just that. I am including an image of what the site looks like, as well as a link to the page. Have fun exploring my web site.

Stay dangerous,

William Neff



Final Product Shot!

Hey Cool cats and Hipsters,

So this is the final product of my advertisement for Ipath shoes. This one was a doozy! I spent a good amount of time in the computer lab, but I am very pleased with the final result. The final product was nothing like what I had set out to do. The reason for this was that, when I opened a new Document with the specs my teacher wanted, it really didn’t fit my image at all! So I was forced to get very creative. I think that the image came out great and looks like a real print advertisement and  deserves a good grade. (hopefully my teacher feels the same) With that said let me try and describe what I did. I first Desaturated the image and played with the threshold to make it darker. I then used the stamp tool to fill in the pieces of the shoe that has been lost or were covered by the Tiki man that had originally been there. Next I brought in a whole gang of tribal images to crate the new logo. Then i went to a grfiti print crateor to make my ne slogan look cool. “follow the path” I used the magic wand tool quite heavily also to cut out the back grounds of all the pieces I brought in. Any way I think the Maori theme looks awesome, and i think it would sell some shoes.

Catch you on the flip side,