The first 100

By William Neff

President Barack Obama took the oath of office just over 100 days ago on January 20, 2009. So what has the new leader of the United States accomplished in his first 100 days, and what’s still left to be done on his agenda.

After only 100 days Obama has done some pretty heavy preidenting. He has singed the American recovery and Reinvestment Act, Launched a $15 billion plan to boost small businesses, Announced plans to close Guantanamo Bay, announced a new U.S.-Mexico border innovative and even doubled the approval rating of his predecessor. On the other hand he has stalled a little bit on some of the “change he promised the nation. The Iraq situation is still a mess, only one prisoner has been released from Guantanamo Bay, and the entire country seems to be in debt.

Taylor Wos a junior at Elon University seems to think that President Obama’s biggest problem is that he is a “socialist” and is “unfairly distributing Americas wealth.”
“He’s made too many people too many promises, and now he wont be able to come through. “ Wos said.

Others however felt just the opposite about Obama’s performance.  Kate Hickey, the Dean of the Library at Elon Says that Obama’s doing a fine job. “ I defiantly think government is necessary to protect the economy and the people from the greed of capitalism.”


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