Dose the World Really Have Room for Another Social Network?

William Neff

Media writing

One-day deadline story


          Dose the World Really Have Room for Another Social Network?



By Will Neff



                        Recently the popularity of social networks has blown up. It seems like everyone has a Facebook, or a Myspace or at least a text message capable phone, but what about a Twitter account? What makes Twitter different form any other E-mail, blog, chat, or RSS, and will Tweeting really be able to compete against connective media giants like Facebook.

Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read other users’ updates known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 bytes in length. In March 2006 Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams founded twitter. Twitter began as a research and development project inside San Francisco Podcasting Company called Odeo. Recently Twitter’s popularity has exploded, and now Twitter boasts an impressive 6 million users. Twitter has also received some very positive reviews form some sources of note, Newsweek had this to say, “Suddenly, it seems as though all the world’s a-twitter.” And even Time magazine has jumped on the Twitter band wagon,  “ Twitter is on its way to becoming the next killer app.”

Despite it critical acclaim and nationwide popularity, when asked what they thought about Twitter, it seemed as though Elon students did not share the same enthusiasm for the social Network. Many students had never even heard of Twitter and those that did didn’t have much positive to say. Todd Thomann, a freshman student at Elon thinks that twitter can’t contend with other social networks. “I feel like Facebook eclipses Twitter,” said Thomann, “It just seems Irrelevant in this day in age, if I want to know what your doing ill just send a text message.”

Others feel that Twitter is a recycled technology that can be already be accessed in other forms. Rebekah Kall, another freshman, had this to say about Twitter, “Someone just stole Facebook’s status update and made their own program out of it, really it’s just another way to stock people.”

While it is true that Facebook’s status update and Twitters Tweet are very similar, Twitter finds its niche by offering instant gratification to its user. Programs like Tweetastic allow users to access tweets form a verity of portable devices. Also uses can follows the Tweets of celebs and other persons of note, making twitter a unique Blog of sorts. Even Elon has begun to use the technology by sending updates on sports and campus events in the form of a Tweet.

Chris Slavin, a freshman Business major is a big fan of Twitter and uses it to follow some interesting people. “Twitter is cool, you can really follow anyone, and I even follow some porn stars. Chris said with a laugh.

Twitter is not for everyone, but for tech junkies and people who want to stay super connected with friends and celebrities, it might be just the thing.  


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