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Key: Link between drinking and birth defects proven by Elon researchers.

Reporter: William Neff


William Neff (Elon News)

After three long years of study Elon University researches have confirmed the widely assumed like between drinking while pregnant and birth defects. For expecting mothers, researchers are recommending total restraint from drinking, as they can not determine how much alcohol can safely be consumed, or at what point in the 9 month pregnancy it is safe to do so


Researches found that women who drink while pregnant not only increase the risk of physical defects like retardation, but also increase the rise of premature births and miscarriage.





Key: City to raise fine on parking violators

Reporter: William Neff




            William Neff (BBC)

The Burlington city council met last night to deal with a recent rash of motorists illegally paring in handicapped spaces. The council submitted a vote of 5-2 in favor of raising the fine form the current 20 dollars to the new 250 dollars. The move to increase fines was largely inspired by complaints the city council received from elderly and handicapped drives.


            Residents say they are sick and tied of seeing able bodied people abuse the reserved spots. The new fine will go into effect in 30 days, and will be the new highest parking fine in the state.


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    April 24, 2009 at 5:10 PM

    This kid is wicked smart

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