Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper

A 360 look at world events April 7, 2009

Koury center

Key: A 360 look at world events…  a presentation to Elon students by Anderson Cooper

Reporter: William Neff



Anchor: Today in his widely anticipated appearance, popular CNN anchor Anderson Cooper gave a “360” perspective on world events.


William Neff (reporter): Cooper spoke today to a packed auditorium at Elon university. Cooper is the host of the wildly successful Anderson Cooper 360 and is famous for his insightful and compassionate analysis of world events. Although his reputation and success precede him, cooper gave a sympathetic and humble speech.


Anderson Cooper (CNN Anchor)


            The last thing we need is another over paid over blown Anchor telling us what to think.


William Neff (reporter)


            Cooper emphasized in his Speech that he doesn’t believe that his work will necessary change the world. But that it is his responsibility, and the responsibility of the press to report on breaking news, and tell the stories of those who don’t have that ability. Copper warned students that in an age of instant and unreliable information, the importance of dependable information is rising.


Anderson Cooper (CNN Anchor)


            To me the best example of why reporting still matters, is hurricane Katrina. I would hear politicians thanking one another talking about the tremendous relief effort that was under way and what an unprecedented and unpredictable disaster this was and I found this quite stunning because while it was unprecedented, it certainly wasn’t unpredicted. So hearing politicians thank one another was truly infuriating. In Mississippi in the days after the silence was just shocking and I don’t know if that really came across on television.


William Neff (reporter)


            Cooper also mentioned his wide experience covering and moderating in the world of politics. Cooper says that if his time around politicians has taught him one this it is to be wary of the spin.


Anderson Cooper (CNN Anchor)

Being around some politicians is like visiting the hall of presidents in Disney World, They seem so life like until you get up close, and once they get into their spiel they won’t stop.


William Neff (reporter)


Anderson Coopers contribution will be taken to heart and appreciated by many Communications majors here at Elon. For Phoenix 14 I’m William Neff saying keep your eyes open Elon. 


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